The following timetable applies for the first four weeks of classes. Every four weeks the new timetable will be issued and availible for download here.

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Life skills facilitators courses offered

Senior Certificate (Old curriculum):

This qualification will be discontinued as from 2015. Candidates have two opportunities to write these exams. The two exam sessions will take place during May-June 2013 and May-June 2014. This year will be the last opportunity for candidates to register. We offer tuition in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • isiXhosa
  • History
  • Geography
  • Business economics
  • South African Criminal Law
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Introduction to ethnology
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Hotel keeping and Catering

National Senior Certificate (New curriculum):

We offer tuition for candidates who are re-writing the following subjects in October 2012:

  • English
  • Mathematic
  • Physics
  • Life Sciences

Introduction to Information Technology:

  • Duration: 48 hours over 12 weeks
  • Accreditation: MCCT SETA

Office Management Certification Programme(OMCP):

  • Certified Junior Office Administrator – CJOAlcb (SA)
    Certificate: Office Administration
    NQF L5

  • Certified Senior Office Administrator – CSOAlcb (SA)
    Higher Certificate: Office Administration
    NQF L5

  • Certified Office Manager – COMlcb (SA)
    Diploma: Office Administrator
    NQF L6

Accounting Certified Programme (ACP):

  • Certified Junior Bookkeeper – CJBlcb (SA)
    National certificate: Bookkeeping
    NQF L3

  • Certified Senior Bookkeeper – CSBlcb (SA)
    Further Education and Training Certificate
    NQF L4

  • Certified Technical Financial Accountant – CTFAlcb (SA)
    National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting
    NQF L5

  • Certified Financial Accountant – CFAlcb (SA)
    National Diploma: Financial Accounting
    NQF L6

Paralegal studies (TBA)

LSF is an independent learning institution, and accredited skills provider with the ICB. LSF is in no way affiliated with the qualifications of CPUT and all references, logos and pictures on this website of CPUT and its campus is done solely for the purposes of indicating the location of the LSF lectures and facilities.